Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize Finalist

About Us

The Intelesens-Scanadu team is led by CTO Prof Jim McLaughlin (Applied Physicist) from Intelesens and CHIC-Ulster Ulster University. The overall Principal Engineers Ian McCullough (Systems Development) and Bob Gardner (Manufacturing) make up a 20 strong Trans-Atlantic engineering team.



Our XPRIZE team consists of a collaboration between medical doctors, electrical engineers, chemists, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, designers and data scientists who are in pursuit of designing the ultimate tricorder device that has the potential to dramatically change today’s healthcare industry and put the power of medicine back into the hands of the people.



Intelesens based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, specializes in intelligent wireless vital signs monitoring. The team has an integrated approach to this XPRIZE and has partnered with international clinical diagnostics leaders Randox, represented by Dr. Mary Jo Kurth (Biochemist). Clinical expertise has been provided by the renowned cardiology consultant Dr. David McEneaney and the team has a scientific underpinning provided by the Connected Health Innovation Centre of the Ulster University.



Scanadu Inc., a Silicon Valley based medtech company, previously led by Walter de Brouwer, CEO of Scanadu, has joined forces with Intelesens (formerly Zensor) to create team Intelesens-Scanadu.

Based at NASA Ames Research Park, Scanadu is a medtech company that designs a suite of products for consumers to better understand their health. Scanadu was founded in 2011 and is now led by Jaime Tenedorio

Team Leader

Prof. Jim McLaughlin

Prof McLaughlin OBE, a physicist, is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Irish Academy of Engineering and a Member of the IEEE. He has developed significant initiatives within research, technology-transfer, outreach and teaching since 1986, being awarded a Senior-Distinguished Research-Fellowship by Ulster. Presently, as a Professor in the School of Engineering he is also the Director of the Engineering Research Institute and Director of NIBEC. His salient disciplines address Connected-Health, nanotechnology and related bio-sensing/point of care diagnostic applications. He was awarded an OBE for his services to Research and Economic Development in Northern Ireland.

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Intelesens Team
Team Members


  • Jim McLaughlin
  • Ian McCullough
  • Michael Caulfield
  • David Steele
  • William Burns
  • Gennady Lubarsky
  • Cesar Navarro
  • Geoffrey Allen
  • Jonathan Francey
  • Paul Young
  • Jeremy Hamilton
  • Shannon Montague
  • James McIlveen
  • Alan Kennedy
  • Stephen McComb
  • Nicola Donnelly
  • Ann Blair

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Scanadu Team
Team Members


  • Bob Gardner
  • Walter De Brouwer
  • Sam De Brouwer
  • Virginia Faro Maza
  • Manuel Pelaez
  • Scott Thomas
  • Sheena Menezes
  • Emma Scruggs
  • Scott Lempert
  • Daya Ranamukhaarachchi
  • Megan Moynahan
  • Alan Greene
  • Brandon Woolsey
  • Matthew Barry
  • Garth Coey
  • Andrew Kaye
  • Thomas Hunniford
  • Donal McLaughlin

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Team Logo
Team Members


  • Mary Jo Kurth
  • Michael Kaye
  • David McEneaney
  • Peter Sharpe
  • Irene Knox
  • Rory Convery
  • Irwin Armstrong